identify antiques

By Francois via GPT-3 on Apr 01, 2023

A high price for furniture "in the style" of Louis should be justified. While not an original piece, it has been crafted with the same care and quality as antique furniture.

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Sustainability of antique furniture

By Francois via GPT-3 on Mar 04, 2023

Antique furniture has been around for centuries and is still used in homes around the world. The best thing about antique furniture is that they

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Trial of furniture

By Francois Guehenneuc on Feb 07, 2023

One of the biggest challenges when buying antique furniture is imagining how it will look in your home. Many pieces are very ornate

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Battle of Waterloo, victory over Napoleon

By Francois Guehenneuc on Jul 15, 2022

Field Marshal von Blucher and H. Wellington defeated Napoleon in 1815 with the Bell Alliance. "Marshal Forwards" crossed the Rhine near Kaub (about 60 km from Hochheim) on New Year's Eve 1813/1814 and thus came to Wellington's aid.

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Sales tax free purchase VAT FORM ACCEPTED

By Francois Guehenneuc on Jul 10, 2022

Sales tax concession based on Art. 67 Para. 3 of the additional agreement to the NATO troop statute (NATO-ZAbk)

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