Battle of Waterloo, victory over Napoleon

With the Bell Alliance, Field Marshal von Blucher and H. Wellington defeated Napoleon in 1815. "Marshal Forward" crossed the Rhine near Kaub (approx. 60 km from Hochheim) on New Year's Eve 1813/1814 and thus came to Duke v. Wellington to help.
Legendary statements like: "I wish it were night or the Prussians were coming" may have been made here and there.
Probably in memory of this victory, pieces of furniture were made a few years later, which named these people in the form of reliefs in artistic handwork on brass fittings. We find such a piece of furniture from Austria VIENNA around 1820.

Antiques Hochheim has such a chest of drawers from the EMPIRE in its range
and is in contact with the mueseen in Belgium (Wellington-Museu) and the Blücher-Museum in Kaub am Rhein . We will immediately add more information about this historical piece of furniture, which tells cultural history and is rare and unique, to our blog.

Rhine crossing on New Year's Eve 1814 near Kaub am Rhein
Crossing the Rhine Field Marshal v. Blücher near Kaub am Rhein New Year 1814


Battle of Waterloo and victory over Napoleon 1815 Battle of Waterloo 1815 Victory over Napoleon